Bumonjuku NZ is a traditional,non commercial Karate Dojo in Northland New Zealand in Whangarei.

We are affiliated to Bumonjuku Shotokan Karate in Tokuyama, Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan and also a member of Karate NZ the official body for karate in NZ.

Our passion is to practice traditional Shotokan karate for all ages and abilities, we have members from 5 years to over 60!

What does Bumonjuku mean?

BU stands for Budo, which can be translated into martial art but as with many other Japanese words there is a deeper meaning and it can also mean “the art of the peacemaker”

MON is also not so easy to translate but in this context it means education in a wider sense including ethical and spiritual learning and understanding.

JUKU is a school or academy.

So Bumonjuku is not just about learning karate, it also aims to make all of our members better people, respecting and learning from each other.

The dojo is open for anybody who accepts our concepts of inclusiveness, respect, self discipline, helping and supporting each other in a friendly and open minded environment.